4 Powerful Back to School Self Care for Parents Techniques to Keep Your Sanity Intact

This post is about tips for back to school self care for parents.

back to school self care for parents

Hello, radiant beings! 🌟

The back-to-school season is upon us, and with it comes a whirlwind of emotions, preparations, and, let’s be honest, a tad bit of chaos.

Can you feel it? The rush, the excitement, the slight anxiety? You’re not alone.

Every year, countless parents face the same challenges. But here’s the silver lining: back to school self care for parents can be a game-changer!

Why is self-care so crucial during this transitional period? Because you, dear reader, deserve to navigate this season with grace, energy, and a smile. And guess what? It’s entirely possible!

back to school self care for parents checklist

4 Tips for Back to School Self-Care for Parents

1. 🗂️📓✏️🔄Mastering the Art of Routine and Organization

It’s more than just a word; it’s a lifeline. As parents, the back-to-school season can feel like a whirlwind. But with a solid routine, you can navigate it gracefully and effortlessly.

Get Organized: 

Before the school year chaos hits, lay the groundwork. An organized space equals an organized mind. By decluttering and setting systems in place, you’ll be better equipped to handle the daily hustle.

Calendar Magic: 

Whether digital or paper, a calendar is your best friend. Mark important dates, set reminders, and visually map out your month. It’s not just about tracking events; it’s about creating a roadmap for your time. 

  • Tip: Create a Family Calendar: Use a central calendar to list each family member’s appointments, activities, events, due dates, and test dates.

Morning Mastery: 

Start your day on the right foot. A morning routine sets the tone. Hydrate, stretch, meditate – do what energizes you. 

  • Tip: Create a “morning menu.” Some days, you might opt for yoga. Other days, a reflective journaling session or an uplifting podcast. Variety keeps it fresh!

Sleep Consistency: 

Sleep isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. Aim for consistency. Set a regular bedtime and stick to it. 

  • Tip: Ditch the phone an hour or two before bed. Consider a traditional alarm clock. It’s old school, but it works!

Breakfast Brilliance: 

They say breakfast is the day’s most important meal, and they’re right. Fuel up with nutrient-packed choices. 

  • Tip: Smoothies, granola bars, fruits – have a mix of quick and elaborate options. And for those super rushed mornings? Keep easy grabs like apples or bananas on hand.

Be Intentional to Plan in Times of Connection: 

In the hustle of back-to-school preparations, losing touch with our support systems is easy. But remember, radiant beings, connections are the lifelines that keep us grounded. Regular meetups with friends and loved ones aren’t just social events but essential for our mental well-being. They remind us that we’re part of a community and not alone in our journey. 

  • Tip: Can’t meet in person? No worries. The digital age offers us a plethora of options. Facetime, calls, or Zoom – choose what works best for you. Virtual catch-ups can be just as heartwarming and fulfilling.

Crafting Breathing Spaces in Your Routine:

Plan margin and rest into your weekly schedule: Here’s a concept that might sound counterintuitive: scheduling unscheduled time. It’s about carving out moments in your day or week where you’re not bound by tasks or commitments. Think of it as creating pockets of tranquility amidst the chaos. These moments allow you to recharge, recalibrate, and breathe. 

  • Tip: List your top priorities for the season to make the most of these moments. This clarity will guide your decisions and prevent over-commitment. And here’s a small hack: consider waking up just 30 minutes earlier. It might surprise you how this little window can transform your day, offering you much-needed breathing room.

2. ⏰🔝🎯📈Setting Priorities for the Back-to-School Hustle

Establishing Clear Priorities: 

Before the whirlwind of school activities begins, take a moment to reflect. What’s crucial for your family’s well-being? What can take a backseat? By pinpointing these, you’re setting a roadmap for a smoother journey.

  • Tip: Create a visual board or list with your top priorities. Place it somewhere visible to serve as a daily reminder.

Navigating Homework Time: 

Homework doesn’t have to spell chaos. With a clear plan in place, it can be a time of productive learning. Setting expectations and routines can make all the difference.

  • Tip: Designate a specific ‘homework zone’ in your home. Equip it with all the necessary supplies, ensuring minimal distractions.

Embracing Flexibility: 

Life throws curveballs, especially with kids in the mix. Teaching them the art of flexible thinking helps now and sets them up for future challenges.

  • Tip: Play games that require adaptability, like improvisational games or puzzles. They’re fun and instill flexibility.

Bonding Through Self-Care: 

Self-care is a journey best shared. Incorporate activities that both you and your child can enjoy. It’s a lesson in self-love and bonding.

  • Tip: Dedicate one evening a week to ‘family self-care.’ Rotate who chooses the activity, ensuring everyone’s interests are catered to.

Realistic Goal Setting: 

In the quest to be super-parents, it’s easy to overcommit. But remember, it’s okay to set limits. Focus on what’s achievable and seek help when needed.

  • Tip: Break tasks into smaller chunks. It makes them more manageable and gives a clearer view of what’s realistic.

Structuring Afterschool Time: 

The hours after school can be just as crucial as the school day. Setting clear rules for homework, TV time, and extracurricular activities can help maintain a balance.

  • Tip: Consider using a timer to allocate specific durations for TV or play, ensuring a well-rounded evening.

3. 🌸🛁🍵🌿Take care of yourself

Prioritize Your Rest: 

Sleep isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. Especially during these bustling times, ensuring you get a good night’s rest can be the difference between feeling drained and feeling dynamic.

  • Tip: Set a consistent bedtime. It can make a difference even if it’s just 15 minutes earlier.

Guard Your Energy: 

It’s okay to say no. Setting boundaries isn’t about shutting people out but respecting your limits.

  • Tip: Be clear about your non-negotiables. Protect these moments, whether it’s uninterrupted family dinner time or a solo evening walk.

Embrace Mini-Breaks: 

You don’t need a weekend getaway to feel rejuvenated. Sometimes, a few minutes away from the chaos is all it takes.

  • Tip: Set alarms on your phone as reminders to pause. Use this time to stretch, breathe, or be.

Cherish ‘You Time’: 

Amid school runs and meal preps, remember the person in the mirror. Carving out moments for activities you love can be a game-changer.

  • Tip: Keep a go-to list of quick activities that bring you joy. It could be reading a poem, doodling, or even sipping tea.

Let Music Heal: 

Never underestimate the power of a good tune. Let music be your therapy, whether it’s calming classical or upbeat pop.

  • Tip: Create a playlist of your favorite uplifting songs. Play it during chores or driving – let every note elevate your spirit.

Stay Active: 

Movement isn’t just about fitness but mental clarity. A simple 30-minute activity can shift your mood and perspective. Once, I was going through a rough patch and went on a walk to calm myself down. Being able to focus on nature helped take my mind off the things making me agitated and helped me bring my stress levels down.

  • Tip: Find joy in movement. Choose what feels good whether it’s dancing in your living room or a brisk walk.

Nourish to Flourish: 

What you feed your body directly impacts your feelings. Opting for whole, less processed foods can be transformative.

  • Tip: Start with one meal a day. Make it as natural and unprocessed as possible. Feel the difference.

Hydration is Key: 

Water is the elixir of life. And sometimes, a hint of flavor can make it even more enjoyable.

  • Tip: Infuse your water with fruits or herbs. Not only does it taste great, but it also encourages you to drink more.

Seek Support: 

You’re strong but not alone. When things get overwhelming, remember there’s strength in seeking help.

  • Tip: Maintain a support circle. Whether it’s friends, family, or a community group, know who you can turn to.
back to school self care for parents tips

4. 🌼🌙📖🧘‍♂️🌌Mental Well-being

Embrace Mindfulness: 

During back-to-school chaos, grounding yourself can be a lifesaver. Mindfulness isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a tool, a momentary anchor amidst the storm.

  • Tip: Start with just 5 minutes a day. Whether during your morning coffee or right before bed, find a quiet moment to be present.

The Power of Pen and Paper: 

There’s something therapeutic about letting your thoughts flow onto paper. Writing can be a balm for the soul, whether it’s jotting down your feelings or reconnecting with old friends through letters.

  • Tip: Keep a journal by your bedside. Make it a habit to write a few lines every night, capturing the essence of your day.

Digital Detox: 

Sometimes the best connection is disconnection in our hyper-connected world. Setting specific times to check your devices can free up mental space and reduce stress.

  • Tip: Designate ‘no-screen’ zones or times at home. It could be the dining area or after 8 p.m. Stick to it and feel the difference.

Cultivate Positivity: 

Feeling anxious about the new school year is natural. But shifting your focus to the exciting opportunities and growth that lie ahead can change the narrative.

  • Tip: Create a ‘positivity board’ with your kids. Pin up things you’re all looking forward to in the coming school year.

Breathe Through It: 

When things get overwhelming, remember you have a built-in stress reliever: your breath. Techniques like deep breathing can be your secret weapon against mounting pressures.

  • Tip: Practice deep breathing exercises during transitional moments, like waiting in the car or before meals. It’s a small act with big benefits.
back to school self care hacks for parents

Wrapping Up… Radiant beings, the importance of back to school self care for parents cannot be emphasized enough. Prioritize your well-being, not just for you but the entire family. Remember, self-care is not a luxury; it’s a necessity!

Your Turn! 🌟 I’d love to hear from you! Share your self-care tips, experiences, and stories in the comments below. And if you’re looking for a tribe, consider joining our vibrant community for continued support and learning.


Dive Deeper For those eager to explore further, here’s a curated list of books, apps, and resources on back to school self care for parents. Dive in and discover the magic of self-care!



  • Headspace
    • Provides mindfulness and meditation practices for various situations, including stress and sleep.
  • Calm
    • Offers guided meditations, sleep stories, and breathing exercises.
  • Simple Habit
    • Meditation and mindfulness app that offers more than 50 free meditation sessions.
  • Todoist
    • A task management app that helps parents stay organized, especially during busy back-to-school periods.

Online resources:

  • Parent Toolkit
    • A one-stop resource developed with parents in mind, offering advice on child development, health, and well-being.
  • Mindful Schools
    • Provides mindfulness resources for educators and parents to support children’s well-being.
  • Understood
    • Offers resources for parents of children with learning and thinking differences, including back-to-school guides and self-care tips.
  • Positive Parenting Solutions
    • Provides parenting courses and articles to help parents navigate challenges and prioritize self-care.

Stay radiant and keep shining! 💖


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