Setting Goals That Do Not Leave You Feeling Shitty – Intuitive Goal Setting

This post is about intuitive goal setting and how it can help you set goals that leave you feeling fulfilled and motivated, rather than overwhelmed or disappointed.

Intuitive Goal SettingAre you working toward a goal that deep down you know you won’t achieve, but feel like you have to because everyone else is doing it? If deep down that answer is yes, then it’s time for a change. It’s time to start setting goals guided by your intuition instead of what society says you should do. Doing this will leave you feeling more motivated and help prevent any negative feelings towards yourself if/when you don’t reach your goal. Let’s begin intuitive goal setting!

Intuitive Goal Setting

Intuitive Goal Setting

Why does setting goals the traditional way leaves us feeling shitty about ourselves?

Setting goals the traditional way can leave us feeling defeated and unmotivated – like there’s no space for spiritual guidance or intuition. You start off strong, fully committed to your goal. You follow the prescribed path that promises success, but then you hit a wall. The motivation dwindles, and the journey becomes more challenging and draining. We’re taught to make all these specific to-do lists and have big expectations, but what if that’s not the right approach for you? We often overlook or ignore the subtle communication coming from within us that spirituality encourages. Our spiritual selves tend to give us gentle nudges or hints about what we should be doing when setting goals. Listening to our spiritual side when it comes to goal-setting provides an alternative method that lets you reach your objectives in a more intuitive and fulfilling way.

How to set goals that are guided by intuition

Intuitive goal setting offers a different approach to achieving our big dreams – an intuitive, gentle one! This process is especially helpful for working mothers who are often juggling multiple roles and inadvertently neglecting themselves. By setting intuitive goals, you can reflect on what goals hold significant meaning for you. It enables you to celebrate every time you achieve even the smallest milestone. Setting goals from a place of intuitive knowing will offer more meaningful results than striving to attain ones that have been imposed by what external parties show us we SHOULD want. As you create from your unique vision and move towards it with joy, you’re more likely to be successful in achieving true fulfillment and satisfaction and there are ways to strengthen your Intuition.

The benefits of Intuitive Goal Setting

By intuitively setting goals, you are allowing yourself to take control of your own success and happiness, not succumbing to what society tells you is best. It’s a method that allows us to be true to our own values, needs, and beliefs. Intuitive goal setting gives us the power to make our dreams come true while feeling energized, passionate, and motivated – in other words, it sets us up for success without the burden of feeling defeated when we don’t reach them. Reaching your goals intuitively can give you a greater sense of accomplishment as well as self-acceptance no matter what outcomes arise. So why not give intuitive goal setting a try? You have nothing to lose but so much to gain!

Examples of how to set intuitive goals through questions that you ask your intuition:

First before getting started with writing out your goals, center and calm yourself. It can be hard to hear your intuition and make decisions that result in lasting joy if heavy emotions such as overwhelm, agitation, and fear, or societal expectations influence you. Give yourself some time here, set aside 15-20 minutes. Make sure you will not be distracted.

Here are some things to try to center, calm, and connect with your intuition:
  • Do some breathing exercises, for example:
    • 4-7-8 Breath: Inhale for four counts, hold your breath for seven counts, and exhale out of the mouth for eight counts. Repeat this three times.
  • Go for a walk in nature. Look up and observe the sky, trees, and wildlife around you. Focus on your breath on this walk.
  • Meditate for a few minutes, letting go of any thoughts or worries that arise. Connect with yourself through visualization or body scanning.
  • Listen to calming music
  • Write down your thoughts in your journal.
Once you feel centered, get out something to write with and start to ask yourself questions like:
  • What do I need right now?
  • What would make me feel most energized and inspired?
  • How could I make the most progress while still feeling fulfilled?
  • What would make me feel proud and satisfied?
  • How can I move forward in a way that honors my true purpose and values?
  • How can I make this goal meaningful and purposeful for me?
  • What do I need to let go of in order to achieve this goal?
  • What are the smaller steps that will help me reach my ultimate goal?
  • What resources or support do I need to make this goal achievable?
  • How can I challenge myself without feeling overwhelmed?
  • What would happen if this goal is not achieved?
  • Is there anything holding me back from success?

These questions will give you the clarity needed to set an intuitive goal that is aligned with your spiritual self.

Working mothers may struggle to set intuitive goals, as they often feel overwhelmed and guilty when they fail to achieve the goals set in a traditional way. They may find it challenging to adopt the concept of setting intuitive goals. But intuitive goal setting offers an easier, more fulfilling way forward. By tuning into your intuition and allowing it to guide you, you can create a positive outlook on life that leads to success and satisfaction. Engaging with your intuitive wellspring will help you identify the true desires of your heart, rather than endlessly striving for something predetermined by external factors. Setting intuitive goals requires paying attention to what really matters to you, and a commitment to living out those intentions – which can lead to greater happiness and fulfillment.

It’s time to stop beating yourself up for not achieving goals that don’t align with your heart. Setting goals guided by your intuition increases the likelihood of taking action and achieving them, as they originate from a place of self-love.

From now on, make sure your goals meet the following criteria:

  1. They make you feel excited when you think about achieving them
  2. You can picture yourself taking steps daily to work toward them
  3. They fill you with a sense of confidence knowing that you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

How do you connect with your intuition when you set goals for yourself? Share in the comments below!


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